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People Powered - Solid Action Items to Build Your Open-Source Community from Scratch

0 “People Powered” – the Book Recently I read a book recommended by my boss: People Powered. A a good book, by any means. It explains what a community is and why you might need it. It categorizes communities into three different types and you can see to which type your project belongs. It teaches you how to write the value statements of your community. - It created a SCARF

AWS IAM Security Best Practices

This blog is originally published on GitGuardian blog. Disclaimer: while this blogpost refers to AWS services in particular, the best practices are mostly the same for any other IAM framework “Security is job zero.” When it comes to security in AWS, this is the de facto culture and standard. It means, it’s even more important than any number one priority. At AWS, new services will not launch if there are

A Brief Introduction to Code Review: Everything You Want to Know

This is Tiexin Guo, DevStream PMC Chair (an open-source DevOps project with an enthusiastic community.) And today, we are going to talk about code review. Specifically, we are going to talk about: why do we need to do code reviews how to review; how to do code review on GitHub how to review for open-source projects But if you want to get acquainted with some best practices for reviewing code

A Brief History of the DMCA

Note This article is orignally published at GitGuardian Blog. What is DMCA? The DMCA is short for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. On Oct 12, 1998, the US Congress passed the DMCA, which amended U.S. copyright law to address important issues of the relationship between copyright and the internet. It was signed into law by President Clinton on Oct 28, 1998. What Exactly Does It Mean? I know, the term

How To Setup Your Jenkins Pipeline in K8s with Git Secrets Leak Scan and Docker Image Scan

This blog post is first published at GitGuardian blog. Disclaimer: this tutorial goes all the way through setting up Jenkins in a Kubernetes minikube cluster, if you’re only interested in the Jenkinsfile, jump to the last part! 0 GitGuardian and ggshield ggshield is a CLI application that runs in your local environment or in a CI environment to help you detect more than 350 types of secrets, as well as

On DevOps: 1. What It Is

Note: opinions are my own. They don’t represent my current company or any previous companies I’ve worked for. Note 2: recently, my colleague published a blog post (in Chinese, here’s the link if you are interested). I like this post, but I’d like to share more with you on the topic of DevOps. So I decided to publish a miniseries (7 episodes planned) on DevOps. Here’s the first article. Note