Projects in the past five years:

Tesco Bank, DevOps Consulting, 2021

A 6-day workshop, during which we discussed in-depth each stage of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) of Tesco Bank (a Scottish/British retail bank), and generated a detailed report with possible improvements.

Credit Suisse, Cloud Migration and High-Availability Improvement, 2021

Headquartered in Switzerland, active in over 50 countries, Credit Suisse is one of the most renouned private banks in the world.

  • hundreds of bare-metal servers migration to AWS
  • multi-AZ, highly available networking architecting and implementation
  • automated failover with the possibility to switch availability zones at a push of a button
  • automated data (HBase, EMR) backup across availability zones

Main tech stack: AWS, EC2 Bare Metal Instances, EC2 Nitro, Placement Group, ELB, HBase, S3, Ansible, Jenkins.

Allianz, Container Runtime Platform 2.0, 2019-2020

The container runtime platform 2.0 (CRP 2.0) is Allianz’s global K8s-as-a-Service platform.

  • 100% infrastructure as code with Terraform, Python3, Golang, in both AWS and Azure
  • 100% automated Jenkins pipelines
  • high-availability secrets manager with Vault
  • open-source template tool with Go used for CI pipelines
  • open-source SAML authentication proxy with Go for internal services
  • participated in all architectural decisions and contributed 90% of the code

Main tech stack: AWS, Azure, Terraform, Kubernetes, Vault, Ansible, Python3, Golang, Jenkins.

Allianz Direct, 2019-2020

Allianz Direct is Allianz’s (largest insurance company) online car insurance platform.

  • AWS + on-premise hybrid cloud, in 4 different countries
  • hub-spoke network topology, with 5 different environments, all managed by 100% infrastructure as code with Terraform
  • 60+ microservices, fully automated CI pipelines with over 100 deployments managed by Jenkins, ArgoCD with Helm charts
  • container runtime security platform with Prisma Cloud
  • high-performance logging with Loki in Grafana
  • open-source vault-k8s secrets synchronization tool

Main tech stack: AWS, Azure, On-Premise, Terraform, Vault, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Golang, Jenkins, ArgoCD, Helm, Prometheus/Grafana/Loki.

SEI Robotics, Cloud/K8s Migration, DevOps Consulting, 2019

SEI Robotics is a smart home hardware company and a global leader in developing and manufacturing Android TV and IoT devices.

  • multi-cloud (AWS + AliCloud) architecting and high-availability implementation with 100% infrastructure as code
  • microservice with MQTT migration to Kubernetes
  • internal trainings about DevOps, Kubernetes, Cloud, IaC, etc.

Main tech stack: AWS, AliCloud, Kubernetes, MQTT

Daimler, EQ Ready, 2018-2019

EQ Ready is a mobile app with a sophisticated AI/ML recommendation engine in the cloud to suggest the most suitable car for any user, based on user behavior, driving style, personal habits, and so on.

  • cloud-native, everything in Microsoft Azure, 100% infrastructure as code with Terraform, high availability
  • built from the ground up with the 12-factor app methodology in mind
  • microservice architecture, Golang, and Python3, everything running in Kubernetes
  • CI/CD pipelines with multiple builds/deploys per day
  • everything built from scratch

There was another AI/ML app similar to this, but it wasn’t lucky enough to see the world.

Main tech stack: Azure, Terraform, Kubernetes, Golang, Python, Jenkins.

Daimler, Car and Customer Platform, 2018-2019

The Car and Customer Platform (CCP) is Daimler’s next-generation, 100% automated datacenter/public cloud project.

  • bare-metal as a service (Metal as a Service, MaaS)
  • software-defined network with white-box switches with Cumulus (a Linux distribution for network switches, acquired later by Nvidia)
  • 100 automated configurations for all servers and switches using [Ansible]
  • multi-tenancy Kubernetes cluster on bare-metal with 100% automation
  • Ceph clusters running in K8s as the storage solution
  • centralized logging/monitoring with ELK, Prometheus/Grafana
  • everything built from scratch

Main techstack: Baremetal, MaaS, Kubernetes, Ansible, Cumulus, Ceph, ELK, Prometheus, Grafana, GoCD.

Mercedes-AMG, Machine Learning on Baremetal, 2018-2019

Two AI-/ML-powered modules (one for emission, the other for debugging and tuning) running in Kubernetes on Baremetal.

  • bare-metal as a service
  • automated Kubernetes cluster configuration with Ansible on bare-metal
  • machine-learning build/deploy pipelines in K8s

Main tech stack: Baremetal, MaaS, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins

Lanxess, CheMondis, 2018-2019

CheMondis is the online chemicals marketplace of Lanxess (a specialty chemicals company in Germany, part of Bayer AG).

  • cloud-native, everything in Microsoft Azure, 100% infrastructure as code with Terraform, high availability
  • built from the ground up with the 12-factor app methodology in mind
  • Python3/Django
  • everything built from scratch

Main tech stack: Azure, Terraform, Python3, Django, PostgreSQL, Jenkins

MyJar, 2017-2018

MyJar is an Estonian startup (acquired by the British later) focusing on B2C consumer loans.

  • monolith to microservice architecture refactor
  • on-premise to AWS migration
  • 100% infrastructure as code in AWS
  • configuration management with Ansible, with minimum code redundancy and maximum code reusability

Main tech stack: On-Premise, AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Packer, Jenkins

Kuehne+Nagel, EDI, 2016-2017

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) project to connect dozens of critical services for Kuehne+Nagel (the largest global freight forwarding and supply chain management corporation).

  • automated configuration management with Ansible (for bare-metal servers and virtual machines)
  • test-driven configuration code development with Docker, Test Kitchen, serverspec
  • created a monitoring system using react/Redux
  • setup CI/CD from scratch with Jenkins and coached three teams in different countries about Agile methodologies

Main tech stack: On-Premise, Ansible, Test Kitchen, Serverspec, Jenkins, Python3, Korn Shell, React, Redux