10 Best DevOps Tools for Start-ups

OK. You are in a small start-up, and you want to move fast. To move fast, you will need automation instead of doing stuff manually. So, it would be best if you had a bunch of DevOps tools that can accelerate your software development lifecycle (SDLC.) The thing is, though, hundreds of tools can help you increase engineering productivity. Which ones to choose? That’s the million-dollar question. But worry no...

September 30, 2022 · Tiexin Guo | 郭铁心

Dagger (the CI/CD Tool, not the Knife) In-Depth - Everything You Need to Know (as of Apr 2022)

1 What is Dagger? TL;DR: Dagger runs your CI/CD pipelines locally in a Docker container, and can run the container in any CI environment (as long as that CI can run a container, of course.) Do you want the long answer to this million-dollar question? It’s hard to answer, honestly. News is calling it a “DevOps platform”; the VC that funded Dagger even called it a “DevOps operating system.” But,...

April 12, 2022 · Tiexin Guo | 郭铁心